Island hopping


Vallisaari – Suomenlinna Sea Fortress  Lonna

In summer 2017, the vessel serving the Island Hopping route will stop at three attractive island destinations (Vallisaari, Suomenlinna and Lonna) between 13 May and 13 August. You can stop off and continue your trip as you please. You can enjoy lunch in Lonna, take a walk in the unique natural environment in Vallisaari and visit the submarine Vesikko in Suomenlinna in the afternoon. These three island destinations complement one another and offer things to see and experience for more than just one day. Find more information on the destinations here >>

You can enjoy your afternoon coffee on the deck, as all JT-Line vessels have a fully licensed cafeteria.

Points of departure:
View the jetty locations here >>

Ticket prices:
Adult: 8 €
Child (7-16 years): 4 €.
The prices include the harbour fee charged by Metsähallitus (for Vallisaari). Lonna and Suomenlinna have no admission fees.
The ticket is valid for one day.

Approximate journey times:
Market Square– Lonna: 10 min
Vallisaari–Suomenlinna (Artillery Bay): 5 min
Suomenlinna (Artillery Bay or King’s Gate)– Lonna: 5–10 min
Lonna–Market Square: 10 min

You can spend as much time as you like on each island – choose the suitable departure times from the timetable below. However, we do recommend setting aside at least two hours for visiting Vallisaari, two hours for Suomenlinna and at least one hour for Lonna. 

TIMETABLE 13.5. - 13.8.2017

Times of Departures:

            From   From    
            Suomen-   Suomen-    
            linna    linna    
            (Artillery   (King´s    
From     From   From   Bay)   Gate)    From
Market   Lonna   Vallisaari   to Lonna   to Lonna   Lonna
Square    to    to Suomen-    and Market    and Market   to Market
to Lonna:   Vallisaari:   linna:   Square:   Square:   Square:
10:15    10:25    10:35    10:55    11:00   11:05 
11:30    11:40    11:50    12:10    12:15   12:20 
12:45    12:55    13:05    13:25    13:30   13:35 
14:00    14:10    14:25    14:40    14:45   14:50 
15:15    15:25    15:40    15:55    16:00   16:05 
16:30    16:40    16:55    17:10    17:15   17:20 
17:45    17:55    18:05    18:25    18:30   18:35